Keeping up with the times, we’ve launched the new Blast Services site.

New additions include:

  • Many new photos.
  • A blog with examples of the work we do. You’ll see before and after for every service we offer.
  • Connections to Twitter and Facebook. Follow us for discounts on services, new services and other insider information.

We welcome your feedback. Keep an eye out for many exciting things to come.

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4 Responses to “Welcome to the new Blast Services Site!”

  1. Thanks and please keep checking as this is going to be a working resume for us…

  2. Jackie orr says:

    Do you blast and metal lawn furnoture

    • Yes we sure do! Cast iron is usually very cost effective to media blast when comparing cost/value…aluminum furniture purchased at a home center or target usually is so cheaply made that you might decide to trash it when you get a quote but call anyways just to find out details.

  3. Lately with all the rain we have only been able to get in half days of soda blasting. We have had a couple of car projects that need some particular spots done with a media that will ensure ZERO warpage. When we do a auto, we always take it car by car basis…nothing is done using a blanket method. All auto media blasting projects are carefully discussed and a plan is developed. Sometimes we decide to do all of the car with starblast and sometimes we break it up and use Soda for the big flat panels such as roofs deck lids and hoods…

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