Auto Restorations is why I started this business. I found that in the immediate and surrounding areas there wasn’t a media blast shop that was doing EXACTLY what i was looking for. I wanted the cars that I was restoring to be stripped of paint in all the nooks and crannys, all the seamed areas, all the areas that a sander is not going to get to. I also wasnt interested in picking up the car after it was blasted and finding rust stains still left behind or paint on semi- blind surfaces.

Using mostly starblast to media blast the auto projects that come through we are able to etch the steel, remove the rust and staining, strip paint and allow for nothing more to be done. No need to bring the car back and sand to achieve a proper profile for the material to hang onto. No need to worry about large mesh size media to be hanging around inside pillars waiting for the spray gun to blow them out onto a fresh paint job. No need to worry about anything except picking it up Blow off and getting it into the booth, do a quick clean with prep solvent and apply primer.

 This Bellvedere was shot with Starblast inside outside and the underside in our blast shop. The customer was very fond of this car and owned it for more than 20 years. He searched through the Tampa bay area to find someone that was doing cars like they were their own. We handled this project like we are doing it for ourselves and the results are plain to see. Needless to say Mike was very happy when he came with the trailer to come get it.

This is a before and after of a 1959 Porsche 356 convertible D…This is a very special model one year only and the owner had it media blasted with plastic at one my competitors media blast shop. As you can see in the before picture something just doesnt look like you can just apply primer at that point. The entire car needs to be sanded before applying your epoxy primer and the restoration shop wasnt liking the rust stains left behind. They Brought it in and we took care of it and the results are plain to see.

Keep in mind the pictures on the left was how it came out of another shop ready for paint after it had been “media  Blasted”

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