Widely used for over 100 years, sandblasting is an effective cleaning method in priming various surfaces before the application of paint or sealant.

The effects are similar to that of using sandpaper but with benefits of timeliness, even finish, and no problems at corners or crannies.

BLAST SERVICES offers surface stripping across industries:

Automotive: vintage autos, trucks, trailers, motorcycles

Commercial: graffiti and traffic stripe removal, parking lots, garages, sidewalks, bridges

Industrial: machinery, power/ hand tool cleaning, warehouses, steel tanks/structures

Residential: swimming pools and decks, driveways, historic preservation, wood restoration, paint and stucco removal, floors and ceilings, brick

Marine: ship hull cleaning, marine restorations, bottom paint removal

Disaster: fire and smoke damage removal, flood damage, mold/ odor removal

Contractors – call for a quote on your project with square footage and specs

Night Shift/ After-Hours Availability -Please request at time of proposal

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