So as some of you have seen, the latest thing being pushed in the blasting realm is called Dustless or Vapor blasting.  I am going to take a minute and explain from my point of this industry why and what you need to know regarding the new trend and if you are buying into hype or actually getting a service that is needed.

As a consumer do you really care if I or someone stripping a project create dust? Or better yet do you really want this type of scope of work being performed at your home or on your property? Typically the answers to these questions are no. Lately the industry has a had lot of push from one manufacture and a lot of people are confused with why the water is generated. From the “green machine” companies standpoint they are selling equipment and luring people into this industry claiming that there is really quick easy money to be made right on people’s driveways. Most of the projects being shown are automobiles. This is where you will want to really pay attention…SHOOTING A CAR WET is a NO NO. Think about it, there are lots of blind areas and trapped cavities that the operator is forcing media into and when the media is being shot wet, it is mud. How do you remove mud from blind cavities, rockers, and tight spots? You don’t….the operator has already rolled his machine up and pulled away. He doesn’t care about the success of your media blasting cleanup let alone the whole restoration project. Wash downs with chloride removing agents and such is needed which is fine and they work if done properly and the operator has not skimped on them in his wash down tank but wait they were going to make a HUGE profit so typically chlor-rid or Holdtight has been diluted and left you with another problem…Flash rust.

There are scopes that do require a vapor to be added to the stream of media. Things like downtown districts where humans are in close proximity but cleanup is also a major concern. Once the job is done how does the operator get his spent media up off the ground when it’s mud? 

Here is the deal…we have available, any type of media and dry or wet blasting machines to do the type of work that works best for YOUR project, not just our bottom line. Call us to discuss and let’s find a solution that makes sense and doesn’t just make blind profit.

One more thing…stealing pictures off of the Internet and creating your website is dishonest and unprofessional. Every picture you see on our site is a project we were contracted and paid to do. You know who you are! 

Below are what the process looks like being done wet. What a mess!


If this is the machine the contractor you hired has , get ready!

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