Marine bottom paint removal is a task that we at Blast services take serious. We know your boat is your source of enjoyment and that down time is not acceptable.

If your boat is feeling sluggish and has alot of barnacles building up killing your overall top speed and fuel milage then this service is perfect for your vessel.

We will tarp off your boat once blocked at the participating marina or trailered to our Blast Shop. Tape off your water line and other areas per your request. Using only the best method available blasting the bottom paint off using Sodium Bicarbonate (soda) we are able to save the gel coat and not remove any more than the paint and or barrier coat. Soda blasting is a very soft method that is widely used in the marina industry and is accepted worldwide. This method is NOT vacuum blasting  but a method where the blaster can see exactly how far he or she is going and not working blind. Sand blasting is the old method of doing this and is way to abrasive for a typical hull of todays boats. While we are under there we can even blast clean all the drive gear and through hull fittings.

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