Blast Services offers mobile service’s for all the things that are tied down or too large to move. Buildings, monuments, fountains, and signs are just a few thing we have under our belt and can assure project success when our truck and crew arrive on site.

Please understand this service is for small to large items needing out service but price plays a big factor in the ability to mobilize and is sometimes not justified for the job.

Our mobile blast rig and large blast machine…

James Haley VA hospital located in north Tampa

Unloading and getting started

almost finished…keep in mind this job was done during the night and during the summer months.It rained every night on us and we still managed to finish before we were suppose to.

These are the kinds of jobs that get us excited and we are always looking for more!

This next job we were awareded with the ability to do work for the Glazer Children’s Museum located in downtown Tampa. We were to do the job at night during off hours of the museum and work through the night. This was a situation where the museum exhibit was made from stainless steel and not prepped properly (lack of mechanical bond). The entire turqouise surface you see is a water table and is basically a pool in a sense…It has pumps and filters, runs chlorine and is constantly flowing in a one way direction. The powder coating was peeling and lifting in alot of randoms spots throughout. We stripped the powder coating and applied a abstract swirl marking throughout the entire table. I personally worked close with the CEO of the museum Al Najjar and got the double thumbs up before during and after the entire process.

This job was one more success story Blast Services has to offer as a company. Click on the pictures for better view. Anyone interested visiting the museum it really looked like a neat place to allow your children to run and explore.

Glazer Children’s Museum 110 West Gasparilla Plaza¬† Tampa, Fl. 33602

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